Fullcount 1108 Fades Report 2

This post is to report status and photos of Fullcount 1108 regarding how it has faded. Since 2015 I washed it 3-4 times.

At first let’s see overall pictures.

Fullcount 1108 fades front all

Fullcount 1108 fades back all

The Fullcount 1108 provides natural fading which I prefer.


Fullcount fading front with buttons pockets




Fullcount 1108 back pockets and patch

Back style



Fullcount 1108 left pocket fading

Stitches on the left back pocket is disappearing little by little..



Fullcount 1108 right pocket fading

Stitches on the right back pocket barely remain. Good atmosphere isn’t it?



Fullcount 1108 hem fading and damage

Damage appears at the hem but it is not serious at this moment.


Because of Zimbabwe cotton’s quality, comfort and soft, I mostly wear the Fullcount 1108 in hot and humid days.

There will be further report in due course as I would keep wearing it this year.

Fullcount 1108 fades report 1

Fullcount provides exclusive Japanese denim of 100% Zimbabwe cotton. I prefer its natural fades.

fullcount 1108 patch

After 1 wash+ a couple of months

Photos below were taken in 2008.

Fullcount 1108 after 1st wash



After 3-4 washes

It has not been a main jeans for several years. Having said that, I kept wearing it at home because its soft fabric is comfortable for relaxed time. Then the jeans gradually got faded, like below. Those photos were taken in 2015.

Fullcount 1108 front as of 2015

Fullcount 1108 back 1-2 years

Fading has not yet completed but it now shows good looking.

Fluctuant1108 back after 1-2 years

Fullcount 1108 fades knee area

Next post to be in a couple of months

Since the above conditions were as of 2015, I have more faded the Fullcount 1108 now in 2017. So I will update the latest fades next time.