Narita-san, a temple Town near the Narita International Airport

If you plan to use Narita International Airport, I would like to recommend that you consider visiting Narita-Temple Town.

There you will discover Old Edo atmosphere, also there are a lot of sightseeing places.


How to get to the Town

At first drop by Keisei-Narita Station, which are close to Narita International Airport by Train.

Then walk to the Narita san by following instruction boards. You will get into the temple town shortly like the photo below.



Naritasan Shinshoji temple has a 1000 years history. You can see Japanese buddhist culture.

Just walking around the temple will give you eye-catching scenes.


Walking Through Omotesando street

A lot of shops and restaurants are open along the Omotesando which connects the Temple and the station. Enjoy your travel.

As it is very close to the Narita International terminal, It would be nice to visit the Narita san if you have a certain amount of time before departing Japan.

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