Dondo-Yaki (Japanese fire festival around 15-Jan) at Rokugo in Tokyo

Dondo-Yaki fire festival is an Japanese traditional event held around 15-Jan. where people gather and burn new year’s ornaments.

We wish you happiness there.

In these days it is not easy to hold such event using fire in the town due to some risks. However I would expect people take those over from one generation to the next.


Rokugo Dondo-Yaki takes place on 14-Jan this year. It is located at the south of Tokyo. If you visit Tokyo area around 15-Jan, the Rokugo-Dondo-yaki would be accessible.

It is said that Dondo-Yaki fire festival was banned during Edo-era in order to minimize the risk of a large fire. So this is why the number of Dondo-Yaki in Tokyo is small.


It looks dangerous? No worries. firemen are ready.

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