Many Thanks, Australia. Hello Japan, again

I have moved from Darwin (Australia) to Japan at the end of Mar. 2017.

It was the first time for me to live overseas (I lived in Australia for 2.5 years). Everything including troubles that happened there was fresh and stimulating to me. I learned a lot of things in Australia….

Magnificent natural landscape was stunning…

Magnificent Land Scape Great Ocean Road

(12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road/Melbourne)


Blue Mountain Sydney

(Blue Mountain, Sydney)



Beautiful cities…

Sydney beautiful city

(Opera House & Harbour in Sydney)





beautiful city Melbourne



The fantastic coffee culture taught me how to enjoy…

Coffee Australia

(Market Lane coffee, Melbourne)


Lively Market…

Salamanca Market Tasmania

(Salamanca Market, Hobart/Tasmania)


Cute animals relaxed me….


and fantastic people!

Australia is now my second home. Thanks, Many Thanks.


I’m going to Rediscover Japan.

Coming back to Japan from Australia, I will discover Japanese good cultures, views etc..

Sakura at Rokugo dote in Japan

(Cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Apr-2017)

Yaezakura Tokyo in Japan


This blow will have a lot of posts about Japan from now on.

Thank you.

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