Where to view stunning sunset in Darwin, Australia

Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia, has a lot of nice places to view stunning combination of sunset  and the sea with good atmosphere. Since I moved to Darwin in 2014 I have been trying to find beautiful sunsets.

I’m going to show my favorite places.

  1. Mindil Beach
  2. East Point
  3. Nightcliff
  4. Cullen Bay
  5. Casuarina Beach
  6. Sunset Cruise



Mindil Beach Sunset Market

At Mindil Beach, Sunset market takes place every Thurs 5-10 PM, Sun 4-9 PM during dry season (Last Thursday in April until the last Thursday in October). I recommend you to visit Darwin within its dry season to see this sunset market.

Sunset, sea, wind, market and people enjoying here etc… please feel things here when you come to Darwin. Spontaneous applause may arises at sunset.

Google Map:

Website: http://www.mindil.com.au




East point sunset Darwin Australia

Above photo: when sea water level is low

Below photo: when sea water level is high. The landscape varies depending on the tidal level.

Sunset East Point

Google map:

The location is close to The Darwin Military Museum. You can pass by the museum by your car then turn left. You will find areas where you can park your car.



Nightcliff jetty darwin Australia



Nightcliff looks like a popular place where people enjoy walking, running fishing and so on.

You will find a beautiful sunset from the jetty.

Sunset at Nightcliff Darwin Australia

Sunset from the jetty


A small food shop is available.

Nightcliff Jetty location




Cullen Bay Darwin Australia

In the Cullen bay area, there is a open lawn space where we can view nice sunset with relaxing mood.

It would be better to bring own chairs or seats so that you can take a seat.


I often take away a set of curry at Exotic North Indian cuisine, then eat it with viewing sunset.



Cullen Bay family enjoying Darwin Australia

People/families relaxing on the lawn. There are other restaurants near the area that provide take-away food. You will be able to choose from some options.

Cullen Bay sunset Darwin Australia

Sunset from Cullen Bay Darwin Australia

Sunset from Cullen Bay




Whenever I visit the Casuarina Coastal Reserve, there are always families and dogs walking along the beach. This place appears to be loved by locals.

Casuarina Beach Sunset 1 Darwin Australia

Casuarina Coastal Reserve Darwin Australia

Casuarina Coastal Reserve Darwin Australia

Breathtaking sunset

The Casuarina Coastal Reserve is located at the North area of Darwin city.




It costs much compared with other options listed in this post above. however it is a good option to see beautiful sunset from a cruise on the sea.

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Let’s enjoy Sunset on the sea, Streeter Pearl Lugger Cruises

Photos of beautiful views from Spirit of Darwin Sunset Cruise Dinner

Sunset Cruise Streeter Pearl Lugger Cruises

Sunset from Cruise Spirit of Darwin

Unobstructed condition is available if you go on a Cruise.



Unfortunately most of places shown here would need a car/taxi to get to the destination. However I can tell that it’s worth seeing. If you are to visit Darwin and are interested in sunset, enjoying sunset will absolutely be a good experience.

My recommendation is to first visit Mindil Beach (No.1 in this post) because it is relatively easy to access and you can enjoy a wonderful market as well (Apr.-Oct.)

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