List of Wildlife/Animals we saw in Tasmania and Melbourne

Since we saw a lot of wildlife in Tasmania and Melbourne I’m making a summary about it. Let’s see.



Wallabies are small size of Kangaroos found in Australia. They appeared to be active in the evening.

Wallaby Cradle Mountain

We met the cute wallaby at Cradle Mountain Lodge. (Related Post:Five days Travel Tasmania (4/5), Cradle Mountain)



Wallaby Freycinet National Park Tasmania

@ Freycinet National Park (Related Post:Five days Travel Tasmania (2/5), Richmond-Ross-Winglass Bay)




Wombats are native to Australia. The size is about 1m. They looks not fearing people because when I got close to them they did not escape but rather, they kept eating grasses..

Wombat Cradle Mountain Tasmania

@Cradle Mountain (Related Post:Five days Travel Tasmania (3/5), Launceston then our main destination : Cradle Mt !)


Wombat inside Cradle Mountain Lodge Tasmania

@Cradle Mountain Lodge (Related Post:Five days Travel Tasmania (4/5), Cradle Mountain)


Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil is now found in the wild only at the island state of Tasmania. We could not find them when we walked around Cradle Mountain area. The photo below was taken at Devils@Cradle.

Tasmanian Devil

@ Devils@Cradle (Related Post:Five days Travel Tasmania (5/5), Devils@Cradle)



The quoll is native to Australia and New guinea. They looked small and cute but I heard that they eat smaller mammals, small birds etc. You can find quolls at Devils@Cradle.

Quall Devils@Cradle

@ Devils@Cradle (Related Post:Five days Travel Tasmania (5/5), Devils@Cradle)


I wanted to see Echidna in Cradle Mountain however unfortunately I couldn’t.. I hope I can get to Tasmania again in the future and see Echidnas.




We could find wild Koalas at Kennett Rive located along the Great Ocean Load. It won’t take long time, just we stopped by a car park then took a walk on a road there.

Koala Kennett River along the Great Ocean Road

@Kennett River along the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne (Related Post:Four days Travel Melbourne (1/4), Drive along Great Ocean Road)


POSSUM (maybe)

Possum is native to Australia. It is said that they are active at night. We could not see their face during this travel. I believe the below photo got the possum.

Possum Melbourne

@Royal Exhibition Building park area, Melbourne (Related Post:Four days Travel Melbourne (3/4), one day walk in Melbourne city)




Richmond bridge bird

@Richmond, Tasmania


Birds from a Hotel Room, Wrest Point Hobart Tasmania

from a Hotel room, Wrest Point in Hobart, Tasmania


Devonport Tasmania Birds

@Devonport, Tasmania



Sheep Tasmania Australia

While driving in Tasmania you will see sheep, horses everywhere.



There are a lot of road signs in Tasmania about wildlife. The below sign was my favorite one.

Road Sign Wombat Tasmania

We of course follow the message once we find it!


In summary, let’s try to find wildlife wherever you visit Australia!

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