Four days Travel Melbourne (4/4), Music in the city

On the last day of this travel in Melbourne, we walked around the CBD and enjoyed shopping.


As it’s Sunday,  some of cafes are closed. I found out the Operator 25 located in the CBD which is open 7 days.

Address : 25 Wills St, Melbourne VIC 3000

The Cafe provide asian-inspired food and drinks. The below photo shows Cappuccino and Matcha Latte. Coffee and food were nice as expected.


If you are looking for a cafe open on Sunday near the CBD, it could be an option.



As the last day in our travel, we enjoyed shopping at the Mall.

Bourke Street Mall

I was impressed that Trams were running on the Mall.. it looked quite unique.

When my wife was shopping at H&M, I was walking around the Mall and  taking photos.

H&M at Bourke Street Mall

I wondered how Australian people made such well designed atmosphere with heritage and new culture. As far as I see, the city design is organized and beautiful.




A musician in front of H&M Melbourne

While my wife was shopping at the H&M, I was listening to music in front of the H&M. There was a musician singing on the Mall.


The place he was singing was between the H&M and the Tram stop.

Musician in front of H&M Melbourne 2

He kept singing even though Trams were coming…,



Melbourne Musician guitar H&M

even if a lot of people were passing…


It was amazing. His songs had mysterious power. I could not leave the place until he finished his performance.

I think Australian love music and good at arranging spaces with musics, I mean there were musicians everywhere in markets, and in the Bourke Street Mall.



State Library Melbourne

Address : 328 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

It is free to enter the State Library, where we can use free Wi-Fi, enjoy sightseeing and read books/news papers. I was surprised that such services are open not only for residents but also for visitors.


Inside State Library Melbourne

Looking through inside of the library, I felt that it was like art.



State Library Melbourne photo

People can concentrate on their work, study etc.

It is worth visiting to view architecture, feel local culture, take a rest, use Wi-Fi if necessary etc.


Then, we moved to Melbourne airport. Many Thanks.

11 Dec. 2016 @ Melbourne

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