Four days Travel Melbourne (1/4), Drive along Great Ocean Road

Following the travel to Tasmania, we went on a trip to Melbourne. Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the nation’s artistic heartland.

What I was interested in were mainly the Great Ocean Road and Cafe culture so I’m uploading some information and photos that I hope to be helpful.


Melbourne is know as the centre of coffee culture. There are hundreds of cafes therefore it is difficult to find the best cafe for each of us. What I did was searching cafes in the vicinity of booked hotels or destinations and looking at photos and reputations. The first cafe we selected was Brother Baba Budan as it is located near a Rental car company’s office.


BROTHER BABA BUDAN Cafe Melbourne BROTHER BABA BUDAN Cafe Melbourne coffee

Bags of Seven seeds specialty coffee beans were showcased on shelves. As usual I ordered Cappuccino and a croissant which were as expected nice.



Melbourne City

After I picked up a rental car in the city at 10:30, we headed west, here I would like to advise that it would be better to check which roads to be taken and where to turn in detail because road connections are not simple around the city centre and we took time to get out of the city.. There are trams running at the centre of each road, one way roads, no right turn conner etc. so Navigation system would help you.

Also one thing you should be aware of is that Melbourne utilizes Hook Turn, “turn right from left lane”. The rule is not complicated, so just please be aware. (Link : Hook turn – Wikipedia)



The first point we stopped by was Torquay which is famous for Surfing. There are many surfing related shops.

In particular Bells beach near Torquay is famous, which is listed in my travel book as well because Bells Beach is the home of the Rip Curl Pro Surf Competition. Bells Beach Melbourne Australia

We did just sightseeing, the beach was beautiful.



Signed board Great Ocean Road Melbourne 

Great Ocean Road officially starts at Torquay, then it takes approx. 3-4 hours (190km) to get to 12 Apostles.


The Great Ocean Road view from Car

Ocean view was fantastic.



As our travel guide book explains that Koalas could be seen at Kennett Rive, we tried to find them. There are trees along a lane way where you may see Koalas, such information is available at the car park in Kennet River.

Kennett River

Walking through a pathway, we found a silhouette of a koala. Can you find it…?



Koala Kennett River Australia

The koala was asleep, anyway we achieved our purpose here!


After that we moved to firstly today’s accommodation, 12 Apostles Cottages we booked, then took dinner at a restaurant in Prince town. Since sunset time is late, 8:33 PM, we went to 12 Apostles area after the dinner.



I wanted to see sunset with 12 apostles but I mistakenly first got into Gibson steps where also we can see fine views.

However! it was veeeery windy and cloudy unfortunately. The photo below was taken at Gibson steps at sunset time. Not bad but I wanted clear sunset… anyway we cannot control weather. Let’s enjoy every nature as it is, which would make good memories.

Gibson steps Great Ocean Road

View from the Gibson steps



12 Apostles Great Ocean Road

I was impressed by a scene with 12 Apostles, thick cloud and stormy waves. I thought such harsh condition might make shapes of the 12 Apostles and its coast.


Tomorrow’s plan is to visit the London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and the 12 Apostle again.

08 Dec. 2016 @ Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

Detailed Itinerary:

1. Breakfast at a cafe

2. Pick up a rental car booked in advance

3. Torquay and Bells Beach

4. Kennett River to see Koalas

5. Gibson Steps and 12 Apostles at sunset time

Above is a Route summary today.

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