Five days Travel Tasmania (5/5), Devils@Cradle

Today was the final day of our travel in Tasmania.

After breakfast buffet which was included in the plan of Cradle Mountain lodge, we took a 20 minutes walk around Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Walking Track near Cradle Mountain Lodge Tasmania

Everything in and around this accommodation gave us unforgettable experiences, many thanks.



After check-out at 10:00, we moved to Devils@Cradle to see Tasmanian Devil.


There was a guided tour available in which we could learn habits and life of Tasmanian devil. It is said that Tasmanian devils are at risk of extinction due to contagious cancer. We can also learn how this facility is trying to deal with this problem.

Tasmanian Devil



Quoll Cradle Mt Tasmania




Before visiting the sanctuary I was actually thinking that it would be similar to wildlife park (sorry I should have studied well) however the sanctuary is a wildlife conservation facility indeed and is committed to the long term conservation of vulnerable species with professional manner (Link to its website).

It’s worth reading their statement on the website before visiting, that may make your visit more valuable.


We then left Cradle Mt at 11:30 and arrived at Devonport at 1:20PM.


As we had no special plan in Devonport we just stayed at a cafe, Laneway, whose good popularity was well recorded in websites.

Coffee, food and interior were nice.



Devonport Airport Tasmania Australia

Devonport airport is actually small and what we could do was just waiting for the flight.


Our travel has not finished yet actually, the next destination is Melbourne!

07 Dec. 2016 @ Tasmania, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Enjoy morning at Cradle Mountain.

2. Visit Devils@Cradle.

3. Drive to Devonport.

4. Have lunch at Devonport.

5. Return the Rental car, Departure from Devonport Airport : 17:30.

6. Arrival at Melbourne airport : 18:35

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