Five days Travel Tasmania (4/5), Cradle Mountain

In the morning we tried to enter the Cradle Mountain national park by car however it was not allowed due to traffic congestion inside the park, meaning we needed to utilize Shuttle Bus running every 20 minutes as shown below. The departure point is at Visitor Centre.

Information Board Visitor Centre Cradle Mt

Min. 5 degC & Max. 13 degC… yes, an outer wear is essential even if it is in December (Summer season) at Cradle Mt.


Cafe Visitor Centre Cradle Mt Tasmania

There is a cafe inside the information centre building, we took a cup of coffee and had breakfast before departure.



Bus Stop No. 5 Dove lake Cradle Mt Tasmania

The Bus Stop 5 is located near Dove Lake, which is the final destination of the shuttle bus. Our walk started from here.



Board presented in front of Dove lake Tasmania

There are a lot of walkways around Cradle Mountain we can choose based on your preferences.



Cradle Mt Dove Lake Tasmania


Cradle Mt Dove lake



Board Walk from Bus stop 4 Cradle Mt Tasmania

We next took the shuttle bus service from the Bus stop 5 and got off at Bus stop 4 to take a board walk, where you may find wombat. (luckily we saw a couple of wombats)



Board walk Tasmania Cradle Mountain

I heard Tasmania has the world’s cleanest air, which seems to be true. Let’s take a deep breath. Really fresh.



After a couple of activities we moved to Cradle Mountain Lodge that was the highlight of this travel. This accommodation provides a quality customer service. In its premises, there are many cottages and walkways in-between them and the central building containing the reception and restaurants.

walkway in between lodges and the central building

This accommodation was really excellent and hence I will need to summarize my experiences here in a separate post.

Cradle Mountain Lodge Tasmania



Pathway around Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

In the vicinity of Cradle Mountain lodge, there were some walkways available in which all had good atmosphere.



Waterfalls near Cradle Mountain Tasmania



Again, all of them were sooo beautiful.



In the evening we got out of our room to see wildlife in the premises of the Cradle Mountain Lodge.


Wallaby and Wombat Cradle Mt lodge 1

Hi Wombat please look this way..




Wombat and Wallaby Cradle Mt Lodge

! fantastic




wallaby? Cradle Mt lodge

… you must be Walla…. please look this way..?




Wallaby Tasmania Cradle Mountain Lodge

Hi! Thanks for showing your cute face.

I was so excited..

Even though I actually took a lot of photos in order to capture these moments, they did not leave away. Thanks to all.

Furthermore, a wombat came close to the lodge we stayed, please see a footage below,


Overall we had a relaxing time in the Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Tasmania wine


06 Dec. 2016 @ Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Get to Visitor Centre to check conditions of Cradle Mountain.

2. Take a bus to each destination where you want to go.

3. Enjoy walking.

4. Check in Cradle Mountain Lodge.

5. See wildlife in the evening.

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