Five days Travel Tasmania (3/5), Launceston then our main destination : Cradle Mt !


Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania. Atmosphere is good, and the size of city was larger than I thought. Our plan on the third day was first to take a walk in this city and have breakfast then move to Cataract Gorge.

Launceston city from hotel Auldington Tasmania

Launceston City Tasmania Australia

City area


Mall Launceston Tasmania Australia

Shopping Mall

We walked through the city centre and reached a cafe where many people have good/positive reviews/feedback.

Sweet Brew Cafe Launceston Tasmania  

Address : 93 George St, Launceston TAS 7250

Someone reading my posts may notice… yes I love Cappuccino and Croissant. I can go with this set everyday.

Thanks to lovely coffee and staff in the cafe, we had a relaxed and good breakfast. One of the staff of the cafe was so friendly and talked to us about Tasmania that made us happy. Hospitality is one of the important traits cafe/restaurants staff must acquire, I just confirmed it there.



Cataract Gorge is accessible within 5 mins. by car from Launceston city centre. There are walkways, chairlift across the river, cafe, etc. and entrance is free.

It must be rare that such nature is located in the proximity of the city, which gives a lot of opportunities to people to enjoy activities such as picnic, walking, exercise and so on.

Cataract Gorge Launceston Tasmania


Cataract Gorge Launceston Tasmania

Chairlift going over Basin

If you stay in Launceston, Cataract Gorge can be listed as a must-go place.



Our next destination was Tamar Valley in order to see vineyards in summer season as we had already viewed vineyards in winder at Barossa Valley when visited Adelaide. (refer to the post).

Since this trip was with a rental car, I couldn’t drink during the drive around Tamar Valley but it is fine because my main purpose of it was to look through beautiful landscapes here.

A photo below was taken from Bradys Lookout, where we can get views with Tamar river and vineyards.
Tamar Valley Launceston Tasmania Australia



Another photo below is of Ridge vineyard.

Ridge wine Tamar Valley Tasmania Australia



On the way to Cradle mountain from Launceston, we stopped by Christmas Hills Raspberry farm.

Christmas Hills Raspberry farm Tasmania

Raspberry farm


Christmas hills Raspberry farm Tasmania

There are a pathway around a basin and a cafe.


take a rest at Raspberry farm Christmas hills Tasmania

I took a sundae and glass of raspberry tea.

We can get souvenirs here such as raspberry jam and sauce. It is a good place to visit as a break during a drive.



Furthermore there was another farm to visit, Melita Honey farm. You can try several kinds of honeys and check each taste before purchasing.


(link to google map)



Once we arrived at Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village (I will make a post about accommodations in Tasmania), we tried to go to Dove lake area by car in the evening to see landscapes around sunset time.


When we were driving, we by chance found….



Wallabies Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

I took a footage as well. It looked like they were fighting..?



Wonbat Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia

and a Wombat!

They were soooo cute.

I knew they are relatively active in the evening, but I didn’t imagine that we would see closely them like this. Just for information, the place where we met Wallabies and wombats is between Cradle Mountain Lodge and the Visitor Centre as below.

After the surprising and fantastic meeting with them, we headed to Dove lake area.

Cradle Mountain with Dove lake gave us stunning views. It has been what I wanted to see and take photos.

Cradle Mountain Dove Lake Tasmania Australia

Around sunset time 8:30 pm, the scene was breathtaking…



Cradle Mountain Tasmania Dove lake

Then gradually it got dark. It took time (as far as I remember it took 30-60min.) for stars appearing.


Cradle Mountain Night Tasmania Australia



It is said that weather in Cradle Mt is prone to cloudy. We may need to wait or try some times to get good conditions.

There were many activities and impressions in one day.. Really fruitful day.


05 Dec. 2016 @ Tasmania, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Take a walk around Launceston city.

2. Visit Cataract Gorge.

3. Drive through Tamar Valley.

4. Have a rest at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm.

5. Visit Melita Honey Farm.

6. Enjoy Cradle Mountain.

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