Five days Travel Tasmania (2/5), Richmond-Ross-Winglass Bay

Our second day had a lot of activities to do and places to visit. The main route was through Hobart, Richmond, Ross, Freycinet National park (to see Wineglass Bay) then Launceston. The route was the longest way for drive in the 5-day travel.


Our second day was to firstly visit Richmond, 30mins. from Hobart by car.


Richmond Bridge Tasmania Australia

At Richmond you will see the Richmond Bridge which is the oldest bridge in use in Australia.


Richmond Bridge in Tasmania Australia

It was nice to walk around the bridge in the morning because of its fresh air.


There is a good cafe/bakery close to the bridge (I remember it took 5-10min. by walk) where we had our breakfast.


There are a lot of open spaces outside the bakery in the premises where you can eat breakfast while enjoying the fresh air for relaxation.

Richmond Bakery Tasmania Australia

A set of a cup of cappuccino and a croissant is my favorite… lovely.



From Richmond we headed to Ross.

Drive Tasmania to Ross

Ross Village Bakery Tasmania Australia

Due to likeness to the setting of Miyazaki animation film “Kiki’s delivery service”, many Japanese tourists visit Ross Bakery every year. If you are interested in it please once visit the bakery. To be honest I was not impressed by the likeness.. but as a bakery it is in a good atmosphere and good to stop by when you need to take a rest at Ross.



Our main activity today was walking Freycinet National Park and viewing Wineglass Bay. We needed to purchase a ticket as entrance fee which I remember was 24AUD per a car.

In order to get to the lookout giving stunning view of Wineglass Bay, it takes approx. 1.5 hours to go to and from the lookout.
Winegless Bay information Tasmania Australia

Wineglass Bay Freycinet National Park TasmaniaBecause our time was limited for staying there we went to only one lookout but it would be a good idea to stay one day or two days as there are walking tracks and you can get down to white beach.


In the vicinity of it, there is Richardsons Beach where we met….

Richardsons Beach Freycinet National Park Tasmania Australia

Wallaby Richardsons Beach Tasmania

First Wallaby in our Tasmania travel!

He/she didn’t relax his/her guard.. sorry for disturbing your lunch time…


Richardsons Beach Freycinet National Park Tasmania Australia

Walking along the beach gave us a good mood.


In the evening we drove to Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania.


04 Dec. 2016 @ Tasmania, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Visit Richmond Bridge.

2. Have breakfast at the Richmond Bakery.

3. Stop by Ross Village Bakery in Ross, then move to Freycinet National Park.

4. Have lunch at Coles bay (Restaurant Tombolo Freycinet : google map).

5. Visit Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay.

6. Drive to Launceston.

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