The open beach Cafe, De La Plage

De La Plage is my best cafe in Darwin, rather, in the world as of now. According to the cafe’s Facebook, “It’s a Turkish-Belgian inspired beach Cafe in a world class location with a relaxed and laid back setting”. It is located in the northern area of Darwin, approx. 20min by car from the centre of the city.

The main entrance and counter where we order drinks and foods. (photo below)

de la Plage counter



de la plage entrance

Order at the counter where you will be asked to select a flag.


order delivery cafe de la plage

Staff will deliver drinks and foods to our table with the selected flag.



Cafe de la plage best table Darwin

Above is my favorite position to enjoy coffee… fantastic. There is no roof! so we need to get a seat under the shade of a tree. You may need to move some time later as the shade move over time.


De la Plage Cafe in Darwin Australia relaxing space

de la plage relaxed time

beach in front of de la plage Cafe

You can have relaxing time, get down to the beach and walk along the sea etc..



The cafe style surprised and impressed me as there is no roof, no wall or no fixed table. I have learned that those do not matter. The important thing is to make the most of nature such as beach, trees, winds, birds and so on, I now think.



It appears that the cafe opens only during Dry season, please check open status by websites.

My recommendation about food : Pancakes, it is also the best pancake I have ever tried.

de la plage pancake Cafe, Darwin

Pancakes De La Plage Cafe Darwin Australia

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