5 tips on How to plan a travel to Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia


It is said that Apr.-Nov. is better to visit Uluru. Due to harsh conditions in terms of high temperature and a large number of flies Dec.-Mar. is not recommended.

September that we selected is absolutely ok. There were small number of flies and comfortable temperature for walking, meaning not too hot.


When we tried to book a hotel 1.5 month before the visit, some of popular rooms/hotels were already full. We should keep an eye on the availability of accommodations in Ayers Rock Resort.



Since I utilized a rental car I cannot tell details of Tours, so let me list points of the Rental car case below,

Rental Car Pros:

  • Flexible: you can easily change your itinerary as necessary, for example based on actual schedule, weather condition or your condition
  • No rush: you do not need to consider any tour schedule such as departure time of bus etc. No need to rush to finish the activities such as walking around Uluru, Kata-Tjuta or Kings Canyon.. wherever, you can take your time.
  • Could be cheaper

Rental Car Cons:

  • Planning does matter: you need to plan schedule well in detail.
  • Driver cannot take a rest during a drive: in particular, it takes 4 hours to drive to Kings Canyon from Ayers Rock Resort.
  • Driver cannot drink beer, wine etc..
  • No tour guide providing us with explanation

As rental cars are in high demand, it would be better to book well in advance.



I’m listing choices as much as possible, it is not possible to join all though…

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre
  • Uluru Sunset Viewing Area
  • Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area
  • Uluru Walking Trails
  • Helicopter Flight
  • Stargazing tour
  • Kata Tjuta Viewing Area
  • Kata Tjuta Sunset Viewing Area
  • Kata Tjuta Valley of the Winds (2.5 – 4 hours walking)
  • Kata Tjuta Walpa Gorge (1 hour walking)
  • Kings Canyon Walk (6 km, 3.5 hours)
  • Kings Canyon Creek Walk (2.6 km, 1 hour)

As far as I know, Walking Trails in Valley of the Winds and Kings Canyon may be closed if temperature is excessively high in daytime, therefore we need to enter there early.



In September, it is still cold in the morning and night. As below I actually worn a down jacket, in particular it was very windy inside Valley of the Winds in Kata-Tjuta where I kept wearing my down jacket even when walking.


When it comes to daytime, a short-sleave shirt would be fit for the purpose during a walk. It is important to bring a couple of kinds of outers for flexibility considering such temperature variation in a day.

Also sturdy shoes are essential for safe walk and Sunglasses will protect our eyes. Don’t forget your cap/hat as well.


Insect Net can be a critical item if a lot of flies are foreseen at a timing of trip. A photo above is what I purchased in Alice Springs Airport just in case but I hardly used it in this trip.

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