We should not climb Uluru because it is not the real thing

As to whether we can climb Uluru or we should not, my vote is Not to climb.

uluru climb way

There is a controversial topic about climbing Uluru. Someone would say it is not prohibited by laws, others would say we should respect and follow Aboriginal people’s law. Tour operating company may explain this topic but may still provide an opportunity of climbing.

uluru signage

We can climb if conditions such as wind velocity are met, however we should not because of following reasons (see the photo below)

please don't climb Uluru

Before planning your detailed activities around Uluru, I would like you to read messages above and consider.


Also let me attach another guide which can be obtained at the entrance of the national park as below (refer to the lower description).

Please don't climb uluru message


It’s not the real thing about this place. The real thing is listening to everything.”


My vote is Not to climb. There would be different opinions about it. The important thing I think is that everyone visiting the place to consider this topic.

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