Four days travel, Uluru-Kata Tjuta (3/4), Let’s visit Kings Canyon as well

Today’s main venue was Kings Canyon which is approx. 300 km away from Ayers Rock Resort.

drive to kings canyon

Departing time from our hotel was at 5:20.


At 6:35 we stopped by Mount Connor Lookout.

Mt Connor Lookout


Sunrise at Mt Connor lookout

Sunrise, viewing at Mount Connor Lookout.



Mount Connor

Mount Connor at this time was beautiful, further, birds’ songs were unforgettable as luckily there was no other visitors except for us, which made very quiet condition. It was so nice to hear their songs with sunrise.



On the way to King Canyon there was a cafe where you can take a break. We could take a cup of coffee.


start point Kings Canyon

Arrival time at Kings Canyon was 9:30 then start walking at 9:40.



beginning Walk way Kings Canyon

At the beginning of the walk, there is a steep path.. Let’s go over!



Kings Canyon landscape

Stunning scenes await your visits..



Kings Canyon Walk

I felt as if I was walking on an different planet.



kings Canyon landscape 2

how the dome formed Kings Canyon Australia



Gardens of Eden Kings Canyon

Gardens of Eden is an importan area where lives have been using for long years. Water here must be essential for them.



There are restaurants in Kings Canyon, we stopped by here and took lunch. As opening hour is not long please take care of it.

kings canyon resort


Then we directly went back to Uluru to see Sunset at Sunrise view point where we saw the sunrise yesterday morning.



sunset Uluru at Sunrise View point2

The reason why we came to Sunrise view point was that I wanted to feel how Uluru is viewing the sunset over Kata-Tjuta.



Field of Lights 1

Field of Lights 2 Uluru

Beautiful artwork by artist Bruce Munro. I didn’t think that we would look at such art in the centre of Australia. It is a different experience from those which can be felt during bush walk.


This event is available up to the end of Mar-2017 (from 35AUD/Adult).


18 Sep. 2016 @ Kings Canyon, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Depart from Hotel at 5:20

2. Stop by Mt. Connor Lookout at 6:35 and stay for Sunrise (please note that sunrise time varies depending on the season, approx. 6:40 in Sep.)

3. Arrive at Kings Canyon 9:30

4. Kings Canyon Walk (6km, it took 4 hours for us, including Gardens of Eden)

5. Lunch at Kings Canyon Resort (15min. from Kings Canyon) around 2:00PM

6. Go back to Uluru to see Sunset (we opted to go for Sunrise view point)

7. Field of Lights event

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