Four days travel, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (2/4), Sunrise at Uluru, Kata-Tjuta Valley of the Winds, Sunset at Kata Tjuta


The time of sunrise today (17-Sep) was 6:40. We departed our room at 5:35 to get to Sunrise Viewing Area, which took approx. 30min. There was a little bit walk needed from a parking in the viewing area to the view point, so arriving earlier is recommended.

Uluru before Sunrise 1

It was slightly raining and clouded. It looked like Uluru is angry.



Uluru before Sunrise 2


Uluru before Sunrise 3

However, sunrise made the rock beautiful. Can you see Kata-Tjuta over Uluru shines by receiving sunlight?



Uluru Sunrise

Good morning, Uluru.



Next point was Kata Tjuta Viewing area that is located between Uluru and Kata Tjuta.


kata tjuta lookout

Kata Tjuta is a group of domed rocks, and “Kata Tjuta” means “many heads” in traditional Aboriginal language. From the viewing area, you can see overall rocks like above.


Then we moved to the entrance of Valley of the Winds.



It is said that the 7.4 km Valley of the Winds loop (four hours) is one of the most challenging bush walks in the park. After having breakfast we got into Valley of the Winds.

Valley of the Winds Kata Tjuta

There were a couple of lookouts in Valley of the Winds.



Valley of the Winds Kata Tjuta 3


Valley of the Winds Kata Tjuta 2

I felt as if I was in a different world..


“No journey to Uluru is complete without visiting Kata Tjuta”, it is true. I recommend you come here as well when visiting Uluru. Though it took three hours to walk through and the path condition was hard for me, those landscapes and atmosphere made everything fantastic (actually I lightly twisted my ankle a couple of times, thankfully it was not serious. Please take care when you walk.).

What we did was just walking, yes, but that was a excellent experience and gave us energy.



Move to Uluru

Activity afternoon we planned was to walk around Uluru. We selected Mala Walk.

Uluru climb way

uluru walk


It should be noted that in walking tracks there are Sacred sites where taking photos is prohibited. We should follow the rules.



Since we had plenty of time, we decided to move back to Kata Tjuta to see sunset there.


Hello Kata Tjuta, again.


You can see variation in color during Sunset time as below. Awesome…
Sunset Kata Tjuta

sunset Kata Tjuta 2

Sunset Kata Tjuta 3

sunset Kata Tjuta 4


I appreciate those marvelous nature, surprisingly things shown in photos above happened in one day!


17 Sep. 2016 @ Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Depart Hotel early morning (around 5:30 in Sep.)

2. Sunrise at Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area (around 6:40 in Sep., it varies depending on the season)

3. Move to Kata Tjuta Viewing Area located between Kata Tjuta and Uluru

4. Head to Valley of the Winds at Kata Tjuta, and Have breakfast at parking. (Please note there is no shop/restaurant here therefore we need to bring foods. suggest buying foods the day before.)

5. Start walking on Valley of the Winds (8:30)

6. Go back to Ayers Rock Resort (11:30 -12:30)

7. Have lunch in Ayers Rock Resort

8. Move to Uluru walking tracks. (around 3:00 PM)

9. Get to Kata Tjuta Sunset View Area

10. Sunset at Kata Tjuta (around 6:40 in Sep.)

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