Three days trip, Adelaide (3/3)

Today’s main activity was walking around Adelaide city and shopping.

During the walk, what impressed me was that the city is designed with large room. The width of road was large, the size of parks was large, it seemed to be because of the size of Australia.

adelaide walk

adelaide walk 2

Adelaide walk 3

If someone living in Adelaide visits Tokyo in Japan, he/she will be surprised that Japanese city has very narrow roads and buildings arranged in limited spaces.



The Central Market is one of highlights in Adelaide, we got into the market while walking…

adelaide market

However it looked like the number of people were not much than expected..?

A man told us that “Hi, a lot of shops are closed because Sunday and Monday are off.”

…!?, yes today is Monday and the last day of our travel, it’s my mistake. We should have checked opening days when planing this trip. Please note that Adelaide Central Market is open from Tue-Sat!


Other than that, we went to see the University of Adelaide, a cafe etc.

Thanks, Adelaide.


01 Aug. 2016

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