Three days Trip, Adelaide (1/3) Feel Winter

As I wanted to refresh, we selected visiting Adelaide to feel winter (Darwin is always summer… with dry season or wet season). Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia.

As can be seen in pictures below, people wear outer/scarf etc. which cannot be seen in Darwin at all. 

Walk Through Adelaide City

Urban areas and old architectures are mixed well in the city.



City centre Adelaide

Shopping Mall.


We stayed at The Playford Adelaide located close to city centre. Staff was really nice and buffet type breakfast was good.

Link : The Playford Adelaide, Hotel information in

We firstly took a walk to Haigh’s Chocolates Factory.



haigths chocolate factory

Prior to this travel we booked a tour of Chocolate factory. Since taking photos is not allowed I have no photo but you will see how chocolates are made and can eat a couple of pieces of chocolate during the tour. It was fun.

Link : Tours – Haigh’s Chocolates


In the evening, we walked around North area from the hotel. This city is well designed and beautiful.


Adelaide Cathedral



Winter Market Adelaide

We by chance came across Winter Market ongoing. I knew that in Australia there are many markets held but I have never imagined that Market is taking place in winter.. Not only food stalls, goods shops but also Ice skating area were available!


30 Jul. 2016 @ Adelaide Australia

Detailed Itinerary:

1. Check in Hotel

2. Have a walk through Adelaide city to Haigh’s Chocolate Factory

3. Join a tour in the Chocolate Factory

4. Walk around Adelaide city

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