Kuranda railway to World Heritage Rainforest and Koalas… Cairns

Kuranda is well known as the Village surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest. A lot of activities are available. What we planned to do today were seeing Koalas and taking Railway, then others were optional. Given that our destinations were not many and our return flight was to leave in the evening, we opted not to go for a tour, rather, got tickets as necessary one by one on the day.


The first train in the day departs Cairns station at 8:30 while Opening our of the ticket counter is 8:00. In order to surely get the tickets we got to the ticket counter prior to the opening hour but it looked like we excessively were worried about it. We could purchase tickets of Scenic Railway to Kuranda station and return tickets for Sky rail without any trouble.

cairns station for Scenic Railway

Cairns station (Google map)

However a problem was that there was no open cafe nor shop that sell food and coffee near the station at the early morning! As soon as we got the tickets, we started walking around the area and somehow found a cafe. I recommend that you get food/coffee before arriving at Cairns station if you utilize 8:30’s train.


Many points for photos : SCENIC RAILWAY

scenic railway Cairns to Kuranda

If you like taking photos, you will be busy during this trip. Waterfall will come up on the left, beautiful landscapes on the right and so on..

waterfall from scenic railway Kuranda

from scenic railway Cairns Kuranda



scenic railway lookout point

The Railway stopped by a lookout, meaning time to take nice pictures!


Arrival time at Kuranda station was at 10:25 AM. It was not far from Kuranda station to Koala garden, let’s walk then you will see Kuranda town. At the entrance of the Koala Gardens you can purchase tickets (“Cuddle a Koala” needs extra cost)

koala garden Kuranda

According to an official website, Kuranda Koala Gardens is one of only a handful of places in the world where you can actually cuddle a koala.

Link : Koala Gardens website

They were brought to the dedicated area in turn when required. I could not perceive what they were thinking of when being cuddled… hope they get great lunch/dinner everyday and are given enough holidays. Friendly relationship should be made between us and Koalas!



kuranda skyrail

Returned back to Cairns by Skyrail. On the way of the Skyrail you will find stunning views.


We got on the skyrail at Kuranda terminal however the skyrail is connected only up to Caravonica Skyrail Terminal, Smithfield which is 15 minutes by car from Cairns centre area. We asked staff at the Caravonica terminal to call a taxi and went back to the centre of Cairns city.


28 Mar. 2016 @ Kuranda

Detailed Itinerary :

1. (Recommended) Get breakfast and coffee on the way to Cairns Station from your Hotel.

2. Arrive at Cairns Station at 8:00 and purchase tickets (Google map).

3. Scenic railway departures at 8:30.

4. Arrive at Kuranda Station 10:25 and walk to Koala Garden (Google map).

5. Enjoy Koala Gardens.

6. Take Skyrail to Caravonica Skyrail Terminal, Smithfield (Google map).

7. Take a taxi (if there is any bus available, it would be better).

8. Go to the Airport.

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