Diving at Outer Reef, Cairns. Meet Nemo and Napoleon fish


We had a walk around the Island in the morning. Until the first ferry arrived, there were only birds, fishes etc… and a few people here.

green island morning




Morning walk.



A venue for breakfast provided open atmosphere.



A ferry bound for Pontoon in Outer Reef departed from the Green Island at 11:30.


The pontoon is 25km from the Green Island.



Here available activities are Introductory Diving, Snorkeling, glass bottom boat tours and so on.



We applied for Introductory Diving (no experience necessary) in advance.


As soon as arriving at the pontoon we moved to Diving equipment area where instructors gave us important explanation and rules.

It should be noted that we need to allow 24 hours after scuba diving before flying or travelling to altitude, therefore if you intend to join in this activity careful scheduling is important.


Once getting under the sea, you will see a beautiful world. Today we were not in a crystal clear view because of raining whether condition recently, having said that, it was really worth diving.


A Napoleon Fish below traversed in front of us when photos were being taken as if he acted as a staff of the Resort!! Good job..






In terms of temperature condition, March was not bad because it was not too hot/not too cold. I think visiting in March is not bad choice.

The time we got back to Cairns city was 17:20. In the return ferry, we could purchase photos that staffs has taken (data in a USB also was available).


Green Island Resort and Outer Reef Pontoon were well organized and provided us with professional services. We were much fulfilled and want to come back here again in the future.


27 Mar. 2016 @ Green Island / Outer Reef, Cairns, Australia

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Take a walk around Green Island (Resort information in Booking.com : Green Island Resort).

2. Move to Pontoon in Outer Reef by Ferry.

3. Enjoy activities such as Scuba Diving.

4. Have lunch on the Pontoon.

5. Return to Cairns city.

6. Have Dinner.

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