The Resort, Green Island in Cairns

Cairns is a place where I have been keen to visit in Australia.

When searching where to go in Cairns I came across Green Island Resort in the heart of Great Barrier Reef. Though its accommodation price is not cheap, I have decided to come to the Green Island resort to feel the nature because “You only live once.”


This city itself is not big, it looked like Tourism is a main industry of the town.

cairns market

I came across a market near the sea.



Ferry terminal is located between Hilton hotel and Shangri-La Hotel (google map). Tickets needed to be obtained at a Tour reception desk.

There were a couple of restaurants there and we took lunch before departure.



Departing time of the ferry we took was 13:00, arriving time at the Green Island was 13:50.




Arrival. The beautiful sea, beach and a brilliant blue sky!



greenislandresortroom greenislandresortbathroom

Accommodation’s room was clean and well managed.


After settled down, firstly we enjoyed snorkeling. There are rental snorkeling equipment/goods available, so let’s make the most of those services.

Until the last ferry departing from Green Island there would be many tourists in the Island however once the final ferry goes away approximately at 4:30PM, there are only those who stay at the accommodation here.


It means you can take luxury time…




Welcome sunset drink took place.




I saw a couple was enjoying dinner at beach with viewing sea. Mmm, it is really nice idea… Not sure how to arrange it but I would like to try if a next visiting can be made.




Sunset over Jetty




In the late evening, we took part in a tour going through the island, in which a guide brings us to each spot for seeing turtles, sharks and so on.


26 Mar. 2016 @ Green Island, Cairns

Detailed Itinerary:

1. Walk around Cairns city, shopping if necessary

2. Take a ferry to Green Island 13:00

3. Arrive at Green Island Resort 13:50 (Hotel information link : Green Island Resort)

4. Enjoy activities such as Snorkeling

5. View the Sunset.

6. Take Dinner.

7. Take part in a tour at night to see animals

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