Four days Travel to Sydney (4/4) The best breakfast in the world?


My Guidebook says that Bills cafe provide us with the best breakfast in the world. There are a couple of Bills in Sydney. We went for Bills Darlinghurst because our plan today was to walk around Paddington area that is relatively close to Darlinghurst.

Bills Darlinghurst : 433 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 (Google map)


When arrived, already a queue was in front of the cafe but waiting time was several minutes which was not too long.



I ordered a plate, Full Aussie.


Coffee, the plate and atmosphere inside the cafe were nice. As to a point about the best breakfast in the world, to me, Japanese breakfast such as rice and miso soup is fit for my preference because yes, I’m Japanese… I think there are a lot of people who have own background and therefore each person would have different opinion. However it can be sure that the quality of this cafe is very nice.




It is a fashionable area. We enjoyed taking a walk around the area.




Paddington market is open on Saturday. A variety of goods and clothes were available.

Link : Paddington market Official website


After that we went to Opera House to closely see it.


When looking at its shell closely the impression was different from when viewing it from other areas. The designer might consider a lot of things and could carry out tests to materialize it… now considerable number of people see it and are being impressed. Fantastic work.


After looking at Opera House we moved to Sydney Airport, meaning the travel was about to finish..


Sydney was really nice place. Thanksfully weather was fine during our travel.

Four days seemed to be actually slightly short to enjoy a lot of things but good planning will give you enough oppotunities to see many places.

02 Jan. 2016 @ Paddington Sydney

Detailed Itinerary:

1. Walk to Bills Darlinghurst

2. Walk around Paddington Area

3. Stop by Paddington Market (Saturday)

4. Head to Opera House

5. Move to Airport

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