Four days Travel to Sydney (3/4) Blue Mountains

As the 3rd day of this travel, we opted to go to Blue Mountains, World Heritage area. Initially we tried to book a tour but unfortunately that tour was fully booked, so we took train to go there.

train Sydney Central

Getting off at Katoomba station, we got on a bus heading to Scenic world. (Scenic world website)



There are activities such as Rail way, Skyway, Walkway etc. blue mountains Railway

Rail way shown in the photo above is the steepest passenger railway in the world.




blue mountains walking


Spectacle landscapes can be seen at some lookouts.


Due to very hot weather condition, we left Blue MountainReturn earlier than planned. Please be advised that adequate water during walk is important in Summer.


Our way to Sydney Central station was via Lauera station where Buses are available from Blue Mountains.


One day trip to Blue Mountain may not be enough for all activities however we could enjoy a lot.


01 Jan. 2016 @ Blue Mountains

Detailed Itinerary :

1. Head to Sydney Central station to Katoomba station by Train.

2. Take a bus to the Scenic World.

3. Walk around the Blue Mountains.

4. Get back to the City.

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