Four days Travel to Sydney (1/4) The Rocks/Harbour Bridge

Three Photos here showing beautiful landscapes were taken from a tower at the Harbour Bridge, its name is Pylon Lookout.(General admission 13AUD).


Opera House from Pylon Lookout


Sydney is a must-visit city in Australia, rather around the world, I think. Because the combination of the well-designed urban city and nature is beautiful.

Our first day’s plan was to walk around the Rocks where historic buildings exist and Harbour Bridge where we can see a fine panorama of Sydney.



Harbour Bridge from the Pylon Lookout




The Rocks area is shown in the photo above, the location is around the Centre of the photo which stands between the Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay being main ferry terminal in Sydney.



brewery-hotel-2 brewery-hotel-1

We dropped by for a glass of beer at The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel that is Australia’s oldest pub brewery.



It was really nice..

In my opinion, a couple of things making beer delicious are, 1. taste of beer (yes, important) 2. activity before drinking (walking get us thirsty!) 3. where to drink 4. with whom..  Today’s situation follows them and thus is fantastic…




Walking around The Rocks and Circular Quay area gave us a fantastic day.


30 Dec. 2015 @ Rocks and Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia

Detailed Itinerary:

1. Arrive at Circular quay.

2. Walk around The Rocks.

3. Take a glass of beer at The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel.

4. Visit Observatory (good viewing from the hill).

5. Climbe up Pylon Lookout (in the vicinity of Harbour Bridge).

6. Have lunch in the Rocks area where Bay area and Opera house can be seen.

7. Walk around Darling harbour (photo below).


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