Let’s see Wallaby at Territory Wildlife Park

If someone asks me, where is the best place to see and talk to Wallaby in Northern Territory, I will first mention Territory Wildlife Park in Northern Territory of Australia. The park is located at south of Darwin and it takes approx. 45 minutes from Darwin city centre by Car, which is not too far.

wallaby in Wildlife park NT

When you get into an area where wallabies live, you will find shortly them on paths and feeding area. I would recommend visiting there morning (around 9:00-10:00 AM), because they are relatively active in the morning. Afternoon may be too hot for them, also for us..



Feeding area


There are other sorts of animals and an aquarium in its premise. For details please visit the official website below.



The following is my best photo;


He/she looked too relaxed…, though I was standing close to him. Here in Darwin-Australia what I always think of is that not only people but animals also are friendly. I’m not sure why, but it is really good thing. Greeting sounds energetic like “G’day mate!”, “How are you going?” compared to Japanese ones, so I would like to acquire good greetings here!

18 Oct. 2015 @ Territory Wildlife Park, Cox Peninsula Road, Berry Springs NT 0838

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