Yellow Water Cruise, Kakadu National Park

Photos below were taken during Yellow Water Cruise in Kakadu National Park. I do not write much here because those photos say everything..
Departure time 6:45 was before sunrise in August.


Yellow Water before departure




Yellow Water Cruise before Sunrise




Yellow Water Cruise Sunrise




Yellow Water Cruise Boat

I want to give the Best Smiling award to the baby…



Yellow Water Cruise Birds

There are a lot of kinds of birds and They are relatively active morning. This is why I opted to join the morning cruise.



Yellow Water rainbow

Watch out!



Yellow Water Crocodiles

A crocodile met another crocodile..


In Kakadu National Park, there are many beautiful places to visit but I’m focusing on Yellow Water Cruise in this post because it was very impressive to me. Silent atmosphere before Sunrise, beautiful sunrise, a number of birds, crocodiles… everything was unique and far from urban life.


Other than Yellow Water Cruise, Ubirr also gave us wonderful landscape and historical aboriginal people’s wall paintings below. I was lucky because weather and conditions were so nice in these days.

ubirr wallpaintings


FYI, I booked the accommodation and the cruise from an official website below, that contains a lot of information.

Link to Official web site, Kakadu Tourism

03 Aug. 2015 @ Yellow Water, Kakadu National Park, NT Darwin, Australia

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