What I learned in Italy

There are many things I learned from the travel to Italy in Sep. 2014. If I’m asked to pick up only one thing, I would say “Espresso culture” because that has changed my life indeed.


When I lived in Japan, a cup of Espresso never came up in front of me actually. Though Starbucks have made Espresso beverage popular I still feel that the majority of people enjoy Latte, Cappuccino etc., not a cup of espresso. Of course there are people who love Espresso in Japan, but what I would like to say is that Espresso is still not common unfortunately and no one in Japan told me “You should try Espresso once”.

However in Italy, there are Bars everywhere and it is common to have a Espresso morning, break time etc..

How to make and drink a espresso is well described in many websites, so I don’t list them here but basically the following points are essential.

– feel aroma

– add sugar as you like (I usually put 5-6g)

– drink before it loses freshness

After the travel I have become a espresso lover and enjoy it almost everyday, which makes each day of my life better. I will recommend that please try Espresso once then you can go for Drip coffee, Espresso, Tea or whatever you prefer. It is worth trying but please kindly be advised that we need to follow proper ways on how to drink in order to get a delicious Espresso.

Thank you,

03 Jan 2015

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