Half-day walk in Perth, Australia

Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia and it’s famous for beautiful and comfortable weather.

I have got a chance to walk through this city in half-day. The city looked relatively new and well designed with nature.

Perth city from Kings Park in Australia

The photo above was taken from King’s Park being loved by locals, we can get to the park by walk from the city centre.




CBD looked elegant.


London court Perth Australia

There is a classic arcade, named London Court.



Cycling road

It appeared that people like cycling and jogging along the sea.


I’m wondering how people in Australia could build such beautiful city as most of Japanese urban cities are congested with narrow roads and lack of rooms… though it is understandable that Japan has small areas while Australia is a large continent.

I would like to come again as a private trip.

19 Jan. 2013 @ Perth Australia

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