Fantastic Shoes, New Balance M1300 and M1400


I’ve been with New Balance M1300CL made in USA for about 8 years since 2009. M1300 is one of the New Balance Flagship models which is equipped with ENCAP midsole that provides excellent cushioning and stability.


It’s very comfortable, and is said that “like walking above clouds”.



I enjoyed travels with the M1300CL when it was expected to walk a lot. The shoes made my travel comfortable and supported me in enjoying activities. (A photo below was taken at Kings Canyon in Australia.)

Walking on Kings Canyon in Australia with New Balance M1300

Serious Damage Between at Sole


Unfortunately the time has come to be faced with serious damages around its sole. Due to properties of Polyurethane midsole, it is inevitable that the material starts degrading after several years regardless of whether you wear it or not.


It is sad to say good-by to such excellent shoes that have been supporting me, but I decided to replace the M1300CL with new shoes.



I have chosen New Balance M1400 Off White color as a successor of M1300 because of the following reasons.

  • I did not want to compromise on quality and good cushioning
  • I wanted to try another model of New Balance shoes
  • “made in USA” model is must-requirement for better foot-comfort


Like M1300, classic-style-looking is applied to M1400 as well. It goes well with a wide range of fashion styles.



Comparison between M1300CL and M1400

Let’s compare the two flagship models. I always try before purchasing shoes in order to avoid selecting wrong size since different models have different shape. It’s very important to select a proper shoes size, otherwise you will eventually feel pain in your foot then will need to part with the wrong-size shoes.

1. Size I chose

M1300CL / Width : D / size : US7.5 (25.5cm)

M1400JWH / Width : D / size : US8.0 (26.0cm)

2. Appearance



3. Top View


3. Front View

Front view comparison between M1400 and M1300

It looks M1300 is slightly thinner in particular around instep.

4. Back View

Back view comparison between M1300 and M1400

M1300 : ENCAP midsole,  M1400 : C-CAP&ENCAP midsole



Welcome, M1400. I will go on a trip with you.

NewBalance-M1400-Made in the USA