The Flat Head Denim Jacket 3rd model 6003W

The Flat Head has been producing high-quality denim products. In particular it is famous for intense vertical-falling fades.

I have a 3rd type denim jacket of the Flat Head, named 6003W.  (14.5oz denim)

Unlike other jeans, frequency in use is not much. Still dark Indigo blue remains.


The Flat Head 6003W front denim Jacket

The Flat Head 6003W denim Jacket Back


I purchased the denim jacket 10 years ago. A reason why I choose it was because small size (34) was available at that time, which fits me as I was looking for slim silhouette model.

The Flat Head 3rd Denim Jacket Paper patch


The Flat Head Denim Jacket 3rd 6003W

I prefer turning its collar up when wear it.


Botton pocket the Flat Head 6003W denim jacket

Though it will take time to get faded further due to low frequency of wear, I will keep wearing it and report its fades.


The Flat Head’s vertical fading

As I mentioned earlier, the Flat Head denim will show intense vertical falling fade over time like below. (it is another TFH denim I have.) I really look forward to seeing cool fades in the future.

The Flat Head vertical falling fade